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Why Should Every Child Know the Story of Auggie Pullman?

R. J. Palacio’s novel, ‘Wonder’, is a moving tale of how young August Pullman battles some of life’s most cruel adversities from a very young age with the simplest of weapons — kindness and love.

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8 Things that Scaachi Koul Said that Will Always Matter (Even When We are All Dead)

As children growing up, we tend to question everything and everyone. More often than not, we rebel against age-old customs imposed on us at every step, only to be told by our elders that we are too young to understand the ways of the world. Amidst this hormonal and social chaos that we are suddenly pushed into, it can be difficult to know that you’re not the only one who feels this way. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you that at the end, everything will turn out to be just fine.

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