What Independence Means To Me

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It is being dependent on no one but yourself.
It mustn’t be confused with freedom.
It is the power of imagination.
It involves being ignorant at the right time.
It brings terrifying responsibility and being responsive.
It means you can seek any kind of (strange) love, the kind you want but don’t need.
It is breathing without censorship.
It is realising that lies can sometime be better than the truth.
It is wearing your cloak like a dagger.
It is a fight, and oftentimes, you lose this fight.
It is seeing stars at sunrise.
It is writing without fear.

–         Supriya Dravid, author of ‘A Cool Dark Place’ http://bit.ly/18ONf1n

Independence is to make my mind my country, and lead it to into equanimity, responsibility, incorruptibility and happiness.

–           Meghna Pant, author of ‘Happy Birthday! And Other Stories’ http://bit.ly/12COzvI

As an educated woman of independent India, I often ask myself, “Am I really free? Free to just BE? Can I be comfortable with myself without pandering to my ever-nagging inner critic? Can I say exactly what I want to without getting bothered by what people might think or say about me? Do I allow ME to please myself instead of being a super- successful – people pleaser? Do I say YES when I mean No?

Freedom starts with the Self. As women, our greatest enemy lies within us. And it is only when we strengthen the Inner, say NO when we mean NO, can we truly be Free. Jai Hind.

–         Vrushali Telang, author of ‘He Loves Me Not’ http://bit.ly/17PaXVP

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