Ideal gift this Diwali: BOOKS!



Sweets are passé. Chocolates are clichéd. So what’s the best thing to gift this Diwali? Books! Yes, you read that right. Here are some reasons why books make for the ultimate Diwali gifts:

No extra kilos!

While sweets and chocolates add on those extra pounds, books on the other hand can help you exercise – at least mentally! Just imagine, no worries about shedding that extra weight before the big New Year bash!

Each book is unique!

You don’t have to worry about your gift being the same as everyone else’s. Even if you don’t know what kind of books your friends like, you can still gift them the latest bestseller or an all-time classic!

One size fits all!

If you are planning to gift clothes this Diwali, imagine how embarrassing it will be if they turn out to be the wrong size or colour! With books, there’s no chance of that happening!

No long queues!

No need to stand in the long queue at your local sweet corner! Enjoy hassle free shopping for Diwali gifts by ordering books online. What’s more, you might even get them at a discount! Now that’s called smart gifting!

A book is a friend for life!

Unlike crockery or glassware, books do not break. With only minimal care, they will last a lifetime and the readers will remember you everytime they read it. Now honestly, that is the whole purpose of giving gifts, isn’t it?

What you sow, so shall you reap.

If you gift books, then who knows, you might get some gifted in return! Getting even 1 book as a gift is so much better than receiving 10 packets of the same sweets! How many Kaju barfi or Son Papdi can one have after all!

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