A Day In The Life Of A Book Lover


A book lover is not your average human. A book lover is not a human. Some have transcended the corporal form and become an otherworldly being. Just kidding, they are very much human but definitely not average. In the morning, a book-lover performs the same activities that an average human performs but the similarities end there.

To understand how book lovers function and to truly survive a day in their lives, we have to adapt and evolve into their tastes and words, and essentially, evolve into them. To do that, we have to first understand that a book-lover would scorn the use of colloquial words (because their huge vocabulary is not as narrow as ours) and would prefer the term bibliophile in contrast to the word ‘book-lover’ to refer to themselves. So keeping in mind the tastes of the book-lover and to understand them better, it is best for us to accept what is in their nature and go with it. So henceforth, we will refer to book-lovers as bibliophiles.

The bibliophiles go to their shrine (read: library) and admire its books for a while before swooning over some titles and whining over the fact that it doesn’t have enough books in the library. The bibliophiles are often socially awkward but it would be an error to generalize this statement. Socially awkward or not, bibliophiles usually covet a cozy quiet corner to snuggle into, with their books.

When encountering ‘others’ (people who are not taken by books), bibliophiles essentially cringe away from contact. But when social compulsion breaks their resistance, they often categorize these ‘Others’ into characters they have encountered in their fictional world, which is more real to them than the ‘Others’ would understand.

In fact, it is a common practice among bibliophiles to categorize the people around them, even themselves, into characters they have encountered in books. Their language, body language and thought process undergo change frequently depending upon the kind of book they are involved with and how deep their relationship is with the book they are engaged with. The bibliophile is not static; the bibliophile is dynamic and broad-minded.

When speaking with these ‘Others’, bibliophiles also give into their guilty pleasures and pull the others’ legs by making some witty, biting book references that are lost on others.

When at work, the bibliophile is often seen stealing glances at its wishlist on Flipkart or otherwise, and being reduced to soft sobs. The bibliophile is always torn between buying new books and reading the ones at home. A considerable amount of time is also spent by the bibliophile stalking down its favourite authors and accosting them at places like Indian Cultural Habitat and other such literary hosts to get them to sign their books, or to ask them why they killed their favourite characters.

On the way home, from work or wherever they have been, bibliophiles are often seen giving into temptations, as they are not creatures of great resistance fibre and buying books from small roadside not-so establishments. At home, they retreat into their cave and stay there until it is time for dinner. The bibliophile is only seen in the morning then, either resorting to repeating yesterday’s routine or perhaps engaging in mystical activities only a true bibliophile would know.

This was just a sneak-peek, a bird’s eye view, of a day in a bibliophile’s life. For, to truly understand the world of bibliophiles, or as we know them colloquially as ‘book-lovers’ and ‘bookworms’, we would probably have to undergo a metamorphosis and transcend our muggle-ness.


Credits: Sindhoora Pemmaraju

About Sindhoora

An unabashed bibliophile, Sindhoora is Majoring in English Literature.  She loves literature and music.


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