‘Falling in love is nature coming in. It starts with being carried off by the opposite sex.’ – Joseph Campbell

The lower chakras create a physical desire to merge or have sex, while the upper chakras are active the very first time you meet a potential partner as your so called sixth sense, and level of intuition is at its highest. The two people so involved are already at a vibrational level with their chakras communicating more with each other. In terms of creating peace and feelings of congeniality between you and your mate, gentle and romantic speech causes the other person’s chakras to relax and open up. When you conjure up a mental image of this person and you couple it with gentle speech, it activates the heart chakra. It is the heart chakra which is the centre of love, attraction, affection, and emotions. Chakra response normally begins in the upper body and gradually proceeds to the lower energy centres. When partners find each other attractive, these messages are relayed to the midbrain, where they create impulses and activate the meridians, organs, and endocrine glands, especially the pituitary. Activation of this gland stimulates secretion of the gonadotropic hormones, which in turn causes the reproductive organs to secrete the sex hormones. Visual attraction alternates between seeing a person’s totality—actions and behaviour— and also looking at their character and physical appearance.

Sensing each other’s energy is a subtle form of chakra energies getting exchanged. The quality of each person’s energy emanating from the chakra determines if they will get attracted to one another.

Laws of attraction: Just the ‘two’ of us striving to be ‘one’.

‘Attraction and falling in love are love, but repulsion and separation are also love.’ – Michio Kushi

When we look at men and women, we see them also manifest these two polarities in their structure and outward manifestations of the body. For example, men have more hair and women less hair; men are left brained i.e., more analytical and rational, while women are more right brained i.e., they think much more, are emotional, and more intuitive. The term ‘women are more grounded’ comes from women being from the earth and aspiring towards heaven, and men beginning from heaven and wishing to be more grounded to achieve their dreams on earth. Yin attracts yang and yang attracts yin—this is constantly at play between men and women. This creates the desire between them to want to be together mentally, physically, and spiritually. As the famous Macrobiotic guru Ed Esko says, ‘Unity creates polarity, and all polarized things seek to reunite. Love is the cosmic process—a universal dance, a cosmic drama—that we see acted out again and again in countless forms among countless numbers of people.’ So essentially loves takes us back, albeit not completely but somewhat, to the energy of ‘universal oneness’. Neale Donald Walsch, the author of Conversations with God, explains that relationships are our biggest learning ground. In a nutshell, we tend to attract people so different from us that essentially we look to our partners to complete us. According to various spiritual traditions across the world, the flowing circuit between two people in love is nothing but a path to enlightenment. Most of us keep looking at our partners for a connection. We want to be loved, valued and finding this right connection can be an exercise in futility at times. Take me, I have told you my story in the introduction. I have partly dedicated this book to all the men I have loved in my life because they helped me to grow to newer levels of love for myself. It is through them that I learned to get out of so much negativity against myself to complete ‘self-love’ and appreciation of all the parts of my love. I fell also in love with ‘me’. So essentially that’s what relationships tend to do. Sometimes this happens just being with one partner who understands you and is on the same frequency as you. Yet today, more often you find people completely out of tune with each other. You’ll find very few happily-ever-after couples, those who have figured out what makes them tick and why.


This excerpt has been taken from The Love Diet by Shonali Sabherwal, this book talks about improving happiness in relationships: http://bit.ly/1kMlbif


About Shonali Sabherwal:

Shonali Sabherwal is an Indian celebrity dietician. She is a graduate of The Kushi Institute and is the only practising Counsellor and Macrobiotics chef in India from the institute.

She guides people to achieve physical beauty and health through a highly developed and unique diet course which she designs to their needs through her online counselling enterprise, soulfood. She has also written The Beauty Diet.


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