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Weight Training

Myth: the biggest myth about weight training is that you will develop muscles or become a body builder if you start. Have you ever picked up a cricket bat and played on a Sunday and feared that if you continue playing you may turn into Sachin Tendulkar?      Sounds stupid? So does this.

Reality: training in the gym will only make your bones denser, joints, tendons and ligaments stronger, and muscles bigger (men) or toned (women). As your body develops stronger bones and muscles, it learns to become an effective fat burning machine. Muscle and bone are active tissues, so they burn more fat for you.

Recommendation: train at least twice a week for not more than 60 minutes. If you are suffering from joint pains or have arthritis or osteoporosis in the family, you should  definitely invest time and money in a good trainer and gym. Always have your post workout meal of high GI and protein within 20


Myth: you have to give up on sex if you start yoga. This is one of the most popular myths fitness professionals have to hear. My God! Nothing could be further away from the truth. Lord Shiva, the first guru of yoga was a complete family man; ‘Hum do hamare do.’

Reality: yoga is about being in control of your body, mind and senses. It encourages having a balanced and disciplined approach towards life.

Bramhacharya is not abstinence from sex but conduct (including sexual conduct) which will bring you closer to reality or your true self. So go ahead and do your suryanamaskars and asanas. If it does affect your sex life, trust me it’s only going to be only for the better.

Recommendation: yoga is a restorative form of physical exercise which also works at calming your nerves and senses. You can do yoga daily. Keep your stomach relatively empty before you start with the postures and eat a healthy meal post your yoga class.


Myth: walking is much safer than running. I think walking is the most overrated exercise. In India it is as much of a phenomenon as the big fat Indian wedding. Just like at the wedding, everybody who walks is fat, hairy, gaudy and loud. Men in large groups wearing shorts and protruding bellies, women mostly in pairs (they’re mostly with another woman) in salwars and shoes; lastly, a Maruti van outside the park selling juices in all colours and if you are a regular some complimentary moong

Reality: walking in the same park, doing the same rounds, with the same people, conversing about the same topics—share   bazaar, the economy, recipes, daughter-in-laws, state of the city—will not improve anybody’s fitness levels (and that’s why it is a dangerous waste of time and energy).

Some people walk for years together and see no benefit at all. These obsessive walkers may occasionally use the gyms where they walk some more on the treadmill and instead of chatting with friends, change channels on the TV screen. Others indulge in some perverted forms of breathing and call it prananayam. Walking is great but only if it provides a challenge to your body. Try the talk test. If you can’t talk at all, you’re walking or running too fast. If you can sing, then you’re too slow. If you are walking properly, you’ll only be able to talk with difficulty and most certainly won’t be able to

Recommendation: Try running for 30 minutes at a stretch. If you can’t, try running a couple of rounds instead of just walking. You can start with as little as a 30 second run and build up slowly to 3 to 13 minutes over few months. Try interval training; run for a while, then walk, and keep repeating this cycle.

Always invest in good shoes, and stretch before and after the run.


This is an excerpt from Don’t Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight by Rujuta Diwekar:  http://bit.ly/1k2xuc6


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