10 New Year’s Resolutions every reader must have

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Remember those sand castles that we used to build as kids?  How we made great amount of efforts to make a perfect castle, blissfully unaware of the inevitability of its fate? It would eventually get washed away by the waves of the sea, but we would still keep trying, no matter what. New Year’s Resolutions are a lot like that. A lot of us fail to keep them even two months into the New Year, but you will always see us try, rather diligently, year after year.

New Year’s Resolutions needn’t be something life changing. Sometimes, the joy can be found in small things. For every bibliophile out there, a set of resolutions for the New Year is something that is surely the need of the hour. Here are the top ten resolutions that every reader must (or at least desperately try!) follow:

1) Go back to the traditional books

In this the age of e-books and kindles, and we have long forgotten the charm of holding those hardbound books in our hands. The touch of our favourite book, coupled with that distinct fragrance, along with the memories that you had jotted down on the margins, makes going back to the traditional books just so much special.



2) Go back to the Classics

You can never get too old to re-read the absolute classics of literature. There’s a reason why they’re called classics. No matter how many times you go back to them, they give you the same pleasure and joy they gave you the first time you laid hands on them. So, go back to the long lost times of pure, unadulterated literature.

3) Experiment with new authors

This new year, allow yourself to indulge in the works of new writers. Upcoming authors have a rather interesting perspective and a whole different way of telling a story, which is fresh and unconventional. Immerse yourself into their new worlds and see the world through their eyes.


4) Write!

Every voracious reader would have at one point in their life wanted to try their hand at writing. So, what are you waiting for? This new year make it a point to finally pen down all those fabulous ideas that you’ve got stored in your head.

5) Admit to reading trashy literature

Admit it. We have all at one point or the other, read, if not thoroughly enjoyed, the books which fall into the classification of literary works that are not to be boasted about, publically. A quick read and usually, a bewildering story allows for the much needed break that our brains often require.

6) Visit the library more often

Gone are the days when a man would take immense pleasure in spending hours at the library, skimming through various books and find himself in awe of having such an invaluable trove of knowledge right in front of him.  In this age of information gluttony, there is nothing better than the library to teach you the importance of knowledge that actually matters.


(Source: imgarcade.com)

7) Always choose the books over the movies

The celluloid representation of most books can never do justice to the beauty of the book. The book will always have the ability to have more imaginative scope than a movie will ever have.


(Source: 101books.net)

8) Share the joy of reading

Love a book? Can’t stop raving about it? Share it with those who share the same passion of reading. There is no greater joy than gifting someone a truly great book that will stay with them forever.

9) Don’t skim through a book

The God is in the detail, and this holds true to the many layers that a book withholds. Skimming through a book is reading just for the heck of it. You miss out on the details, important underlined themes and more importantly you miss out on uncovering the true beauty of the book.

10) Just read!

You saw this one coming, didn’t you? In this day and age, where work takes precedence, we often forget to just sit down and spend our time with a good book. This New Year, put all things aside, and make sure you read. No matter how busy your schedule is, just take out some time out and read.




Happy New Year, readers! 🙂


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