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Yoga has caught on spectacularly worldwide in the 21st century. Many attempts have been made to highlight the importance of Yoga through celebration of  “International Day of Yoga”, it is only recently due to immense lobbying by Indian delegates that it has finally been recognized. A resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly has declared the 21st of June as the International Yoga Day, with more than 170 countries commemorating the event. The day marks the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year and in Indian folklore, the first teachings of Yoga commenced on this particular day by Shiva who was the first guru.

Broadly defined, there are 4 types of Yogas – Karma Yoga or Yoga through action, Bhakti Yoga or the devotional method of Yoga, Jnana Yoga that is the path of infinite wisdom and finally Ashtanga Yoga that is the ultimate purpose of yoga – Physical and mental control.


The benefits of Yoga are numerous. Physical benefits such as improved strength, muscle tone, flexibility along with better sleep, less stress, anxiety and it even helps in combatting depression! However, what most people do Yoga for is just a mere side effect – weight loss.

Celebrity Yoga guru Payal Gidwani Tiwari has emphasized this importance of incorporating Yoga in her everyday life. The celebrity fitness trainer was inspired to write her book, ‘Body Goddess’ only after she saw the impact yoga had in her personal life.

‘Body Goddess’ begins by acquainting the reader with the basic concepts of Yoga such as the seven chakras of your body, your tridoshas, and how to set them in order. It then moves on to identifying the three types of body types and subsequently correcting imbalances through the purification process or kriyas. The author then explains the basic concepts of pranayams, suryanamaskars, and asanas that are the means to promote, in a holistic way, physical and mental wellbeing.

Written in a semi-interactive manner, ‘Body Goddess’ provides an understanding of Yoga in the simplest of manners, guiding readers about the best practices and how they can benefit from it.


Yoga is more than a form of exercise. It’s a form of spiritual healing as well. Invented in India and adopted by the world, it has helped in the promotion and reverence of Indian culture overseas. Yoga is to India, what Kung Fu is to China. Therefore, we believe that practicing it can help not only in creating a healthier and happier India but a more united nation as well. So, from this International Yoga Day, make Yoga a part of your daily routine because it’s only you who will benefit!

Get Payal Gidwani Tiwari’s ‘Body Goddess’ here: amzn.to/1FKJYwc


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