Pandeymonium: Piyush Pandey in conversation with Suhel Seth

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With people queuing up for more than 45 minutes just to hear him speak, it was pretty clear that Piyush Pandey was one of the most sought-after personality at the Jaipur Literature Festival.

Here are a few quotes from his session with Suhel Seth.

“When I was young my father asked me ‘Are you going to eat bat for a living?” – On his love of cricket.




“After the Cadbury campaign, I said that yes I am going to eat bat for a living.”


“Interns today are confident. Some of them walk into my office and ask for a selfies.”


“My education was informal. More a process of osmosis.”


“We were a boy scout agency. We didn’t wear ties. We wear pushers!”


“The biggest change in advertising now versus then is that the young people are easy, they’re more confident. We were very formal back then. It’s not good from a creative point of view.”




“Clients are willing to give you more liberty now.”


“If you’re so desperate for business, you bend over backwards. If you bend over backwards, you lose respect from the clients.”


“The industry has taken over social causes. Lots of social agencies are going to advertising agencies nowadays.”


“I believe that your brand is my brand – when you say this to a client you’ll do better work.”


“You can build a relationship with your audience without doing dukaandaari”


“Har acche kaam ke piche ek client ki vastu hota hai!”


“Base on youth. Surround yourself by youth – people who can give you information. Adapt, change.” – On how to achieve longevity.


“Nothing will disappear. It will co-exist. This question has been asked for the past 40 years.” – On whether print ads are outdated.




“It’s nonsense. Celebrities shouldn’t have to be liable for products they endorse.”


“If you tell me an idea, you’ll grab a story. If you tell me a story, you’ll grab me.”


“You must, at least, use it. Not always, but at least, experience it.” – On whether he uses the products he advertises.


“I will take up a social cause, I will do a bit of everything. Apart from that, I will chill!” – On what next for Piyush Pandey.

Piyush Pandey’s Pandeymonium is out now!

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