“What makes South Asians laugh” with Suhel Seth, Meera Syal, Sidin Vadukut and Ashok Ferrey as the moderator.

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In a roller coaster full of laugh and comic relief Sidin, Meera and Suhel took us back to an innocent age, an age where tension was a word not part of our dictionary, an age where we could just enjoy wit without worrying about its ramifications. Fabulously intertwining jokes on politics, life, some at the moderator and a lot of general gyan, three of India’s funniest authors provided a great session on their book, “What makes South Asians laugh”.

Here are some of the best quotes on the night.

“I’m funny when Rahul Gandhi is in India. I’m funny when parliament is in session. I’m funny when we have a moderator from across the border.”
– Suhel Seth, when asked as to when he’s funny.

“The funniest lines are spontaneous.”

– Meera Syal


“I don’t think humour is geography specific, it’s community specific rather. Like in India, we normally laugh at other people’s pain. We laugh the most when a Mercedes gets a flat tyre when we are in a Nano”.
– Suhel Seth on whether humour is country specific.

“Most Indians have three senses of humour. A state sense, a national sense and an international sense. The three are very different.”
– Sidin Vadukut on whether humour is country specific.


“People who murder are in parliament, and people who joke are behind bars.”
– Suhel Seth

“When I was growing up, I would find things funny which no one else found funny. I thought I was a bit mad.”
– Meera Syal

“Today, we’ve replaced intelligent humour with slapstick humour. Not to be derogatory to anyone, but it’s not intelligent stuff.”
– Suhel Seth

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