Politics of the Womb


Penguin Random House proudly announces the release of the first book of its kind in international publishing: Politics Of The Womb – The Perils of Ivf, Surrogacy & Modified Babies by award-winning author and journalist Pinki Virani.

Politics Of The Womb draws on wide-ranging investigation and research to present a damning indictment of what is sold to desperately wanting-to-be parents as miraculous medico-technology. Politics Of The Womb states the factual failure rates of Ivf and other reproductive techniques. It points to the futility of such artificial assistance if a father passes on his genetic infertility to his Ivf-child. It uncovers the “Ivf-package” which becomes the woman and her unborn, through which a newly born baby is denied colostrum – its fundamental foremost-hour feed — from breastmilk.

This shocking, first-ever expose of the workings of the reproduction industry also lays bare what is done to a woman’s body through its hyper-medicalisation. As it does the placing of parts of the womb in the marketplace, divided up and traded as ova, uterus. With little concern for the cancers which can result.

Politics Of The Womb comprehensively tracks the death of commercial surrogates. The emotional exploitativeness of female egg-freezing. The destruction of humaneness around “donations” of sperm and ova. The genetic thefts. The rampant human and ova trafficking. The moral compass-lost procedures behind “designer offspring”. And the very real risk of broken babies and breaking mothers.

Are such secrets being intentionally suppressed? Buried, because of the bottom line which is just business for a burgeoning repro tech industry?

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 12.04.36 pm

Here is a timely book which combines investigation with analysis and international studies with insight to question those who lead the worldwide onslaught on the woman’s womb in the name of a child.  A book which seeks out global experts  – from Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Europe, India, Israel, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States – who share academic and scientific evidence. Hitherto hidden from those seeking to further their bloodline: that there are very real risks of deadly diseases, deformities and disorders.

Penguin Random House India Associate Publisher Udayan Mitra says, “We are pleased to publish such a path-breaking book on assisted reproduction as much for its larger implications, both cultural and ethical, than those who buy into it perceive. It was time for a searing argument about why, and how, repro tech has socio-political ramifications not only on women but also their families, societies, countries. The book is also quite brilliantly structured as the chapters follow the biological process, thereby taking even the uninitiated reader through it seamlessly. This – and the data, insights and human stories which have standout value – should appeal universally to readers of all ages regardless of gender.”

Politics Of The Womb also discusses fatherhood-by-choice. Written within a framework of sturdy realism, it sifts out the medical and other jargon which confuses and confounds the issue of informed choice. Towards responsible reproduction, the book carries a special section for single women, as also a meticulously compiled fertility workup for couples. For the system which skews itself against hapless patients to instead encourage unfettered fertility clinics, and for the problematic lack of laws in India, the book provides detailed solutions.

Politics Of The Womb is shortly being released in Malayalam [Current Books, Thrissur] and in Marathi [Mehta Publishing, Pune]. OtherIndian-language translations are under consideration.

Author Pinki Virani’s bestselling books are ‘Bitter Chocolate:  Child Sexual Abuse in India’, ‘Once Was Bombay’, ‘Aruna’s Story: The True Story Of A Rape and Its Aftermath’, ‘Deaf Heaven’.


The book releases in September 2016.

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