5 Famous Authors Complete No-Shave November!


Being totally Booked In Queues these days, the sight of folks flaunting beards of various shapes and sizes is a common one. And guess what, some of the most iconic folks from the Lit-verse took to No-Shave November too!

As No-Shave November ends, we take a candid look at the effort that these famous authors put into their beard-grooming-ways, and this is what we found . . .

Act I: Bard’s Booming Beard


The Adventures of Mark Twain


Anton Chekhov taking to Modernism in style – as always!


The Picture of Oscar Wilde


The Orwellian Nod


With the passing of No-Shave November, we, and these stalwarts, hope that the noble cause behind it reaches fruition!


The Penguin India Blog

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