10 Quotes from the Wittiest Woman in Literature

Many tend to associate Jane Austen with just the charming romances between young ladies of modest means and suitable gentlemen. But this reflects only a small portion of her true genius. She wasn’t a sentimental idealist. No, she was a clear-sighted realist who didn’t hold back when satirizing the social restrictions of her time and the petty vices of her fellow humans.

Not many authors can claim to help readers of different generations navigate the tumultuous waters of relationships, society and even your workplace, like Jane Austen. Her wisdom can help all of us in understanding and deal with each other. All of her novels and a good deal of her personal correspondence contain smart thoughts and good advice that anyone would do well to take as a personal motto.

Today, on her birthday, we’ve picked some of her most romantic, clever, and snarky Jane Austen quotes.











More than 200 years after her birth, her words still continue to be relatable to all sorts of readers. Jane Austen has left behind a rich tradition of plays, novels, satires, and romances, proving that her genius is extraordinary.

Header image source: Daniel-bearman.com

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