7 Luminous Quotes by Nadeem Aslam that Make Him a Must-Read


Ernest Hemingway once remarked: “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

If this statement could fit perfectly well on any writer it must be Nadeem Aslam. He is known for soaking himself completely in his acts of creation and emerging with pieces of gems that are magnificent to behold! His novel Maps for Lost Lovers took him more than a decade to write – the first chapter alone took five years to complete.

On another occasion, he didn’t see a soul for seven months while penning down a novel, and didn’t have even an inkling of New Year’s Eve passing by! It’s that sort of intensity and love for his art that make his works outstanding and capable of catching human emotions plumb. The striking luminosity of his words make the act of reading his works a magical experience.

Here are seven quotes by the British-Pakistani author that make his books a must-read!



Fascinated? Nadeem Aslam is out with his new book – The Golden Legend – that portrays the contemporary society in Pakistan, consumed by religious intolerance. Get your copy here!

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