5 Facts about the Indian Railways that will surprise you

How much do we really owe to the railways?

The vast Indian railway network has connected the far corners of the Indian subcontinent and made travel, commerce and communication simpler. By geographically connecting disparate regions and people, the railways have played a crucial part in the making of our nation.

Bibek Debroy’s Indian Railways captures the immense power of a business behemoth as well as the romance of train travel. It does so by tracing the growth of the railways from the 1830s – when the first plans were made – to India’s Independence.

Here are five facts about the Indian railways that will surprise you:






The Indian railways network is a testament to the will of a nation and its effects in making India what it is today cannot be understated. We hope these facts further your appreciation of the railways the next time you take a train.




The Penguin India Blog

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