Five Forbidden Love Stories You should Definitely Read

There is an inherent charm in the forbidden that has been intriguing people through ages. Authors like William Shakespeare, Emily Bronte, Ian McEwan, and many more have tried to explain their interpretation of the phenomenon in their writings.

Here is a list of books about five unfortunate love stories:

Romeo and Juliet

The feuding families made sure that their members harbored nothing but animosity towards each other. But, Romeo and Juliet had something else on their mind, or should we say hearts? Even though these star-crossed lovers could not live together, they found union in their death.


Lady Chatterley and her lover, Oliver Mellors

She was the wife of a minor nobleman, hence belonged to the aristocracy. He was the gamekeeper of her husband’s estate, a representative of the working class. Their relationship was supposed to be of Lady and Servant, but they chose to be lovers. Lady Chatterley and Oliver Mellors transcended boundaries set by class in their pursuit of sensual and emotional love.

lady-chatterleys-loverCatherine and Heathcliff

Although separated by their social class, Catherine and Heathcliff possessed a deep affection for each other since childhood. That affection however could not meet its closure when Catherine decided to choose other values over her love for Heathcliff. The incomplete romance subsequently left its disastrous traces in each of their relationships.

wuthering-heightsDolores and H.H.

Eyebrows were raised when Vladimir Nabokov described a love affair between an older man and a teenage girl, in his book titled Lolita. Strange yet intriguing, the lovers in this story continue to stupefy us with their relationship and chemistry.

lolitaMehar and Sarmad

An army general’s daughter and a terrorist’s paths cross and the two fall hopelessly in love. But will their story survive the seemingly destructive course it’s set out on?

Sara Naveed’s Our Story Ends Here will make you root for love despite the overwhelming odds.


Do you know of any other ill-fated love stories? Tell us.


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