5 Characters from Dr. Seuss’ Books That You Will Have Definitely Met in Your Life

Dr. Suess' Characters.jpg

Spring is here and so is the full blast of colours. The blue of  clear skies, the green of  swaying trees, the many shades of the sun – from orange to yellow to pink! It is, therefore, only fitting that Dr Seuss’ birthday – a writer who is credited with creating some of the most vibrant stories and characters – befalls in this lovely season.

The author has created many fascinating characters. They carry within them a refreshing slice of life and traits that all of us can identify with.

Here are five of Dr Seuss’ most brilliant characters that you MUST have come across in your life!


You can’t chop down trees on his watch. And if you need a lesson in environmental issues, he’s the one you call!

Dr. Suess' Characters Blog 01.jpg


Ever so kind and compassionate, he’s a soul with a big heart!

Dr. Suess' Characters Blog 02.jpg

The Cat in the Hat

His is a take-it-easy policy. So what if there’s chaos, you can’t stop him from having a grand time!

Dr. Suess' Characters Blog 03.jpg

The Grinch

He hates Christmas, but that’s only because he thinks the festival is a corporate-manufactured event aimed at securing profits. He likes to think beyond presents.

Dr. Suess' Characters Blog 04.jpg

Sam I Am

As persuasive as one can get, he can even sell you green eggs!

Dr. Suess' Characters Blog 05.jpg

Did you find similarities between any of the above and someone you know? Go ahead and share it with that soul!

And here’s wishing Dr. Seuss a wonderful birthday!

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