5 Exciting New Books to Give Your Young One

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book,” Dr Seuss once said. A book is like a magic carpet, isn’t it? It lets us sail across to enchanting lands and discover endearing characters.

This World Book Day, let your little one find magic through some of the most exciting new books. Here are our five recommendations!

The Gory Story of Genghis Khan

The book begins with a warning: “This story is not for the faint-hearted!” That’s because it’s a story – a gory story – of the founder of the Mongol empire, who was in equal parts a military genius as well as a bloodthirsty tyrant.

Laced with wacky illustrations, fascinating bits of trivia, maps and family-trees, Nayanika Mahtani’s humourous narrative breathes new life into the tale of one of the most influential conquerors of all time.

So, don’t you want your young one to get all the dirt on this Khan? This is a history lesson like never before!


The Wild Pack

Hamlet, a spirited young wolf, escapes the zoo to search for the Wild pack—a band of animals living in abandoned rail tunnels and caves under the city. They have only one goal: to be free once again. But instead of the bold animals that he was expecting to encounter, Hamlet finds a scraggy, ragtag bunch. Will he be able to motivate the animals to help him rescue his friend, the gorilla, from the zoo?

Revolving around the incredible adventures of the animal pack, this thrilling translation of the popular German series is a delightful treat for animal lovers!


The Tree Lover

Everything that you’ve always loved about Ruskin Bond is back. His mesmerizing descriptions of nature and his wonderful way with words—this is Ruskin Bond at his finest. Read on as Rusty tells the story of his grandfather’s relationship with the trees around him, who’s convinced that they love him back with as much tenderness as he loves them.

Ruskin Bond’s unforgettable tale, stunningly illustrated, now in this beautiful edition – just what your young one is looking for!


Muezza and Baby Jaan

Does your little bundle of joy want to hear a fantastic story?

Join Baby Jaan as she listens to Muezza’s mesmerizing tales, and soak in the wonder of rare, enlightening nuggets of Islamic lore. Charmingly whimsical, this collection of stories from the Quran – by Anita Nair – is a read like no other.

Muezza and Baby Jaan (2)


A fitting addition to the eclectic Puffin Classics list, Rohini Chowdhury’s refreshing new translation of one of the oldest fables in the world is a must-have for every home.

Devised for the purposes of teaching three dull-witted sons of a king, it strives to convey the principles of kingship and some valuable life lessons. Let your young one relive the joy of these evergreen animal fables through this classic keepsake edition!


So, what’s your pick for this World Book Day? Choose from above or ask us for more – offer your young one an awesome window to the world!

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