A Peek into a Reader’s World

Books are fascinating! They house many worlds, people, and emotions in them. And people who read them, i.e.: booklovers, slowly begin to embody these worlds. The reader often walks into the world of a book, but have you ever thought about how a book or its story become a part of a reader’s daily life? Has it ever happened to you that a story or character’s words seemed most appropriate in your life situation? (Happens to us every day!)

As the day of books is upon us, we decided to take you through some daily life situations where words from a book seemed to fit in all too perfectly.

When your always hungry colleague announces it’s lunch time during a meeting.

Stock photo blog 01.jpg

When your BFF throws you a Draw 4 card in UNO. Oh, the betrayal!

Stock photo blog 02.jpg

Your colleague when you need to stay back late. On a Friday.

Stock photo blog 03.jpg

When your in-laws decide to stay at your place for some time.

Stock photo blog 04.jpg

When you stay away from home for the first time and all you can cook is Maggi.

Stock photo blog 05.jpg

The salesman trying to get you to buy that Rs. 8,000 shawl.

Stock photo blog 06.jpg

Your dog, when he doesn’t care you are going to punish him.

Stock photo blog 07

Can you relate?

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