7 Times Our Fathers Made Us Fall in Love with Books

Fathers are usually the ones who fulfill all our wishes and needs whether it be buying school supplies, or our favourite ice-creams.  Fathers play an important yet discreet role in shaping our hobbies and personalities.

Here are 7 moments from our everyday lives that take us back to the childhood memories we have with our dads.

When we come back from the market, holding the grocery bag in one hand and laptop bag in the other, we think about the time dad used to get veggies for dinner and a book for us.

FD 1.jpg

Commuting to work and trying to read in a crowded metro, we recall the time spent reading while we headed to grandma’s place in a train.

FD 2

While being stuck in a traffic jam full of swanky cars and new-age motorbikes, seeing an old-fashioned scooter makes us remember the rides with dad when they took us to bookstores.

FD 3.jpg

Sometimes, while googling certain terms, we remember the time when our dads taught us how to use a dictionary.

FD 4

Even today, when it pours cats and dogs, we recollect the delightful memories of books keeping us and our dads’ company during the rainy days.

FD 5.jpg

As we struggle to keep our eyes open after a heavy lunch at work, we reminisce about the time dad used to take a siesta on Sunday while we would read.

FD 6

And even now, while going to sleep as we close our book, we sometimes reminisce that time when dad told us a new story every night before going to bed.

FD 7.jpg

This Father’s Day, join us in celebrating the Superman that Fathers are.

Do you also have a special memory with your dad? Tell us.

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