6 Confessions by Ruskin Bond that Every Book Lover Can Relate With

“I just hate having so many books to read and yet never having enough time to read them.”

 “I used to pack a book for sleep overs!”

A love of books (to the point of addiction) might lead to misadventures, but it’ll surely lead to anecdotes and confessions!

In Confessions of a Book Lover, Ruskin Bond opens a window to his earliest encounters with incredible writers and their wonderful writings to introduce readers to the stories that played a significant role in molding his imagination as a full-time writer.

Every book lover has a confession. These are Ruskin Bond’s.

 Literature is not bound to a type, is it?


Books > Common Sort of Entertainment


There can never be enough books


You never know which precious gem you might discover in a new genre


The ideal way to spend vacations


Reading can accelerate healing6

Do you have similar confessions to make?

Get Ruskin Bond’s Confessions of a Book Lover here!

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