Nicky and Noni, It’s Not Cool To Lie: ‘Being Honest is Cool’ — An Excerpt

Author Sonia Mehta’s new series of books for children — My Book of Values, is all you need to make a preachy value education lesson fun for your child!

Being Honest is Cool not only shows us why it’s important to be honest, but also that honesty is a totally cool thing to cherish!

But we all must be allowed a mistake or two before we know what’s cool and what’s not. Do you think Nicky and Noni can figure a way out?

Being-Honest-is-Cool---Blog-Creative-2 (1)

Being-Honest-is-Cool---Blog-Creative-3 (1)

Being-Honest-is-Cool---Blog-Creative-4 (1)

Being-Honest-is-Cool---Blog-Creative-5 (1)

Find out what Nicky and Noni do next with Sonia Mehta’s Being Honest is Cool!


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