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10 Tips for Smart Managers for Success in an Information Age

Steve Jobs, one of the most successful technology entrepreneurs and executives, did not have a degree or background in computer science or programming. Steve is not alone; this is also true of many other “digital immigrants” who have made significant contributions to IT. If people without a technology background can be technology pioneers, such success […]

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Create to Connect – The Content Trap

Product quality, hypertargeting, user personalization, and customization are today’s prescriptions for digital success. And they may be precisely why so many companies find digital transformation hard, misdiagnose threats to their business, and miss opportunities. These prescriptions tend to lead firms to focus on customers one by one and miss the connections that arise from managing […]

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7 essential additions to every entrepreneur’s bookshelf

While the United States was the land of opportunity in the 20th century, the title has been usurped by India in the 21st century.  At present, India is the fastest growing and fourth largest startup ecosystem in the world. This growth is being spearheaded mainly by young, unsatisfied professionals who want more from life than […]

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