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Booked In Queues

Stuck in long queues outside banks and ATMs? So are we! And as much as we all are complaining about the discomfort of standing for long hours in the sun with few amenities, no one can deny that this also is the track record that we are setting of #nofilter #noscreen offline communication we have had […]

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Foreword to the 25th anniversary edition of Amit Chaudhuri’s ‘A Strange and Sublime Address’

‘Sandeep, meanwhile, had come to the conclusion that the grown-ups were mad, each after his or her own fashion. Simple situations were turned into complex dramatic ones; not until then did everybody feel important and happy.’ In Amit Chaudhuri’s A  Strange and Sublime Address, Sandeep is a small boy, an only child who lives in […]

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Kick-ass facts about authors born in August!

The month of August has proved to be exceptional for literature enthusiasts. The eighth month of the year has blessed us with some of the greatest sons and daughters of prose and poetry. With our detailed compilation, it becomes easy to discern while not everyone can be a great writer, a great writer can come […]

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On the threshold of Kali Yuga, only a saviour can rescue the world. An excerpt from Usha Narayanan’s ‘Pradyumna: Son of Krishna”

That night, Prince Vama had a vision so vivid that he felt he was in heaven, watching a divine drama unfold. Lord Brahma was seated on his swan in Brahmalok, the highest of the seven worlds. Vama watched as the Creator gave life to the brilliant sun, the moon, the earth and the ten prajapatis― […]

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