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Inspirations for Inner Engineering in 2017

The inner dimension is an uncharted terrain. With each New Year, all of us resolve to better ourselves. Though the intentions are always high, the train we board to get on the journey is often the wrong one. Self-transformation is not incremental self-improvement. Self-transformation is achieved not by morals or ethics or attitudinal or behavioral […]

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Desh Gaurav Sekhri on Delhi Daredevils

In what has been the most unlikely turnaround this season, the Delhi Daredevils (“DD”) have gone from perennial underachievers to quietly confident front-runners. Starting the season in expected fashion with a trouncing at the hands of the Kolkata Knight Riders, DD have since turned it around, and how. Since their opener, the DD have lost […]

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Learn how Yoga can help you get better control of your life!

Yoga has caught on spectacularly worldwide in the 21st century. Many attempts have been made to highlight the importance of Yoga through celebration of  “International Day of Yoga”, it is only recently due to immense lobbying by Indian delegates that it has finally been recognized. A resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly has […]

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Quiz yourself to check if you have adrenal fatigue. Give yourself 2 points for each answer you say Yes to, 0 for each answer you answer No to, and 1 point for each answer you say Sometimes to. 1. I have a craving for salty foods 2. I find each task requires an enormous amount […]

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Shut Up And Train Contest: Winning Recipe

The idea here is to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible so that you can focus on the main goal of losing weight.Also the food needs to be delicious else you will lose interest in the diet menu. My preference is to have roast chicken for lunch or as salad or in […]

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Cooking without oil

When I tell my clients that there will be less oil, used in the food they are going to eat in this diet, the general reaction is one of utter bafflement. ‘But how can you cook without oil?’ is what I’m always asked. When I tell them that it is indeed possible to do so, […]

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