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STAR: The Mantra to Develop a Caring Mindset

From being thoughtful to having an iron resolve, here is what Subir Chowdhury means by STAR.

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How to become a better writer

We all have a story to tell, or so they say. The problem is, for most people, getting your story out to the world. While only a fortunate few become bestselling authors earning millions of dollars a year from their writing, it is not impossible to enjoy success as a published writer in many other ways. Your dreams […]

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Why Working Hard Is Not Good Enough?

I have seen scores of students, working professionals, and young entrepreneurs really working hard and trying to scale the ladder of success. Every other person you meet is busy answering emails, filling reports, learning, inventing, selling, sweating it out, and hitting the road. In short, running very hard, pushing themselves to achieve, accomplish, and be […]

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Praise for ‘What I Did Not Learn At IIT’

“The world will globalize even further leading to new opportunities and new challenges. Young professionals will need to build and hone new skills. It will not be their knowledge, but what they do with it that will be important.  This book will surely help engineers prepare themselves for professional careers. The book is an easy […]

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Best of Both Worlds!

In a diverse country like India where every state has its own language, culture and cuisine and is like a mini country by itself, the only binding force is a game of cricket. A nation, whose mood is often dictated by the outcome of a tightly fought game! Cricket is often seen as a metaphor […]

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Jugaad: A Better Alternative to the Western Innovation Model?

Money can’t buy the ingenuity manifested in jugaad—nor can you legislate or ‘manage’ jugaad innovation. Jugaad happens organically: it’s an ‘emergent’ phenomenon, not a planned activity. Jugaad embodies—to cite Woodrow Wilson, President of the US from 1913 to 1921—‘the highest and best form of efficiency (that) is the spontaneous cooperation of free people’. In sum, […]

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