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Ustad Amjad Ali Khan – A Bio

At the age of twelve years, Amjad Ali Khan, gave his first solo recital.

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Master on Masters – An Excerpt

“I disagree with those who say that Indian classical music is a dying art form. We must understand a few things here. It was never for the masses to begin with.”

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Aakar Patel – Scheherazade in Bombay

The Symphony Orchestra of India opened to its eighth season in Bombay last week and I had tickets for the Thursday. I began attending a few years ago after deciding I wanted to understand this music. At the time I had heard very little western classical music and did not know how to listen to […]

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Luke Kenny – The Walt Whitman of rock poetry

I first heard of Nick Cave way back in the mid-eighties. It was in one of those random issues of Australia’s teen Dolly magazine that I would find in second hand bookstores. In those days our exposure to western pop culture and music in Bombay, as it was called then, came trickling though such magazines […]

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